Guided Adventure in the Verdon Gorge

Useful Info/FAQs

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions, if you have any other queries then feel free to Contact me

1) Where is the Verdon Gorge? [+]

A 500m deep limestone canyon this geological marvel is found in the heart of southern France and is approximately 11/2 drive north of the major airports of Nice and Marseille.
Reached by tortuous mountain roads the tiny hamlet of La Palud sur Verdon and the larger villages of Moustiers Ste Marie, and Castellane are the main access points into the Gorge.

2) How do I get to Verdon? [+]

Renting a car in Marseille or Nice is quick, user friendly, and gives flexibility for exploring the area.
Getting here by public transport is slow, involved and very dependent on the time of year. Please contact me if you plan to arrive this way.

3) Where do I stay? [+]

There's no shortage of accommodation. La Palud, Moustiers, and Castellane are well equipped with hotels, gites, and campsites.
In summer staying near to Moustiers and the Lac Ste Croix offers the attraction of an evening swim. is a great reference for accomodation in the Moustiers area and the following hotels/gites are all highly recommended and have English speaking staff. This high quality establishment is home to a superb Alain Ducasse restaurant, the epitome of fine dining in France!

In La Palud sur Verdon, as well as 2 excellent campsites, the following gites are good value:

4) What gear do I need to bring? [+]

Climbing shoes. You may also prefer to bring your own personal harness, and helmet though I can supply these if neccessary.

5) How exposed is it? [+]

The 'Big Air' or as the locals say 'Plein Gaz' This reputation for high exposure is what distinguishes the Verdon Gorge from any other climbing venue in France, and it's not undeserved.
A unique feature of climbing in the Canyon is that many (though not all) of the climbs are approached from the top by abseil and the impression of vertical height can initially be quite dizzying! However, after an initial period of progressive adaptation that 'fly on the wall' feeling becomes wonderfully exhilarating.

6) What's the weather like and when is the best time to visit? [+]

At an altitude of around 1000m, the weather here is much more influenced by the southern alps than the rest of Provence.
Autumn (mid sept - mid nov) is probably the best season overall with less heat and more wind from the north. This is very dry and creates excellent conditions for climbing.
There are also less people around. Winter is deserted and often cold,dry and sunny but with short climbing days.
This season is probably only for locals,though quite special if you can manage to be here.
Spring (march - may) can be good with long days and not too much heat, but then you do risk some spring rain. Summer is hot (above 30°) with the occaisional thunderstorm. However many parts of the main cliff L'Escalès face south east, get the sun very early then go into the shade in the afternoon. A good strategy in summer is to have a lie in, stay in the shade, go down to the water (the Lac ste Croix, or the Verdon river) and to climb from around 3pm till dark - you'll be in the shade in many sectors and it'll be really pleasant with cool thermal winds blowing up from the depths of the canyon.. The low relative humidity also means there is quite a big temperature difference between sun and shade. All this said, afternoon storms will obviously modify this approach. The weather forcast is usually visible outside the Perroquet Vert gite/climbing shop in La Palud or on (wi-fi access at the bar 'Lou Cafetié')

7) Do I need to pay a deposit? [+]

In high season (May – Sep) a 20% deposit is appreciated to secure a reservation. Please contact me for details.

8) I'll be with the family and they don't climb. What other activities are there?[+]

All the cultural and culinary delights of Provence! Great food and wine, colourful street markets, 1000 year old medieval villages with history going back to the Roman occupation. Added to all this the magnificent wilderness and perfect climate make this a paradise for outdoor activities. Some ideas...
Soaking up the sun, cooling off in the Lac Ste Croix, or renting a pedal boat or kayak for the day. Discovering the back country on a mountain bike or on self guided walks. This is canyon country. Join a group guided Canyon or Rafting trip down the roaring Verdon river. Check out the world famous Ceramics and Potteries in Moustiers Ste Marie.

9) Why the Verdon? [+]

Quite simply, its a huge and epic environment but without the objective dangers of the alps. Perfect rock, and fixed protection (though a little spaced at times ), will be a springboard to becoming at home in any vertical world. The climbing here will set you on as steep a learning curve, force you to dig deep, transcend your daily stressors, and live 100% in the moment. You may return transformed and with an expanded vision of our wonderful sport.

10) How do I book? [+]

To arrange a bespoke trip or course please contact me directly to firm up dates and confirm costs.

11) Insurance [+]

As Certified Guides it is our legal obligation to hold professional liability insurance. It is however advised that you take out your own specialist insurance to include personal accident, medical and repatriation cover.
In the UK the following are highly recommended:

British Mountaineering Council –
The Austrian Alpine Club –