Guided Adventure in the Verdon Gorge

Custom Guiding

La Demande Photo: Exit chimneys on La Demande 6a
The historic classic and the first route in 1968 to breach the full height of the "Escalès".
One of the longest in the gorge at around 400m. 12 – 13 pitches of mixed trad and bolt protected climbing at a sustained E1 (F6a).
The magnificent and wildly exposed exit chimneys are legendary.

One of the most impressive lines in the Verdon.
Over 200m of continuous crack climbing taking the only weakness up this compact part of the cliff and surrounded by impressive blank walls.
300m E2 5c (F6b).

Adieu Zidane
Excellent well bolted route above the Lac St Croix.
A good early lead.
HVS (F6a) 150m 5 pitches

El Gringo Loco
This part of the Verdon has several short routes.
3 pitches HVS(F6a).

A Tout Cœur Photo: A Tout Coeur 6b
6 Pitches of elegant face climbing with a short crux section on perfect limestone.
200m E2 5c (F6b+).

La Riviere d'argent Beautiful airy slab climbing on gorgeous rock.
A wonderful summer afternoon in the shade.
E2 5c (F6b+). 150m 5 pitches.

Pour une Poignée de gros Lards Photo: Pour une Piognee de Gros Lards
6 pitches of excellent friendly slab climbing.
200m E1 5b(F6a).

Mangoustine Scatophage Photo: Mangoustine Scatophage
Technical and elegant face climbing on pure grey stone with an atmospheric finish past ancient juniper trees.
2oom E4(F6c)

Eperon Sublime Photo: L'eperon sublime
Beautiful crack and corner climbing taking an aesthetic pillar 200m.
E2 5cA0(F6b).

Pichenibule Photo: High on Pichenibule
Back in 1977 this was a masterpiece of routefinding, taking a diagonal line in an impressive part of the canyon.
Magnificent climbing on incredible stone.
300m E4(F6c+)

A route with a serious atmosphere on a 300 metre wall.
11 pitches E4(F6c and easy aid)

La Fete des Nerfs Photo: La Fete de Nerfs
A magnificent 300m wall.
Very long and sustained with several pitches of 7a+.
(E5 6b).

Pas de Prelude pour Herve
Combined with El Gringo Loco to give a superb 8 pitch route with spectacular views of Escales in a quiet part of the Canyon.
6a+ 250m.

L'Arete du Belvedere
250m A great moderate day out in the Canyon with just one short tricky section to negotiate.

Nice rockclimbing in a side canyon to the Verdon. Low exposure, and low in the grade.
6a 200m.
And there's plenty more for you when you've ticked this lot off...
My in depth knowledge of the Verdon enables me to tailor make itineraries to suit your individual goals and experience.
For example the many sport, single pitch and shorter climbs can form part of a logical progression enabling you to develop the skills necessary to undertake more challenging objectives.