Guided Adventure in the Verdon Gorge


Posted on 2014-04-25 - filed under testimonials

Thank you Andrew Bisharat for gracing me with your writing talents in the following kind testimonial - you're a mighty fine writer!

"The Lifer: Alan Carne first came to the Verdon Gorge in 1979 as an 18 year old kid, and he was so inspired by this area that he knew this would be the place for him. This British ex-pat has been living in the outlying foothills of this gorge more or less since then, working as a #climbing guide ( He's as lean and tough as a piece of jerky, with sinewy tendons honed after three decades of cranking on the micro-crimps of this bullet blue rock. There are only a few people that I've ever met who have somehow retained that pure, youthful stoke to climb after so many years, and it's inspiring to be around. Looking forward to meeting up with Alan again tomorrow for a day of laughing and climbing on the most technical, demanding iron-hard limestone in the world. #LiveVertically #VerticalOrigins #Stoked #BonVerdon @ladzinski @emilyaharrington @etteloc @mattsegal
 â€” with Alan Carne"

If you have climbed with Alan or have climbed in the Verdon then we would like to hear about your experience.
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