Guided Adventure in the Verdon Gorge


Posted on 2014-06-16 - filed under testimonials

This past weekend of climbing was an absolute dream come true and I owe it all to the incredibly chill and crazily talented, Alan Carne. Alan has been climbing in the Verdon Gorge since he
hitch-hiked here from England when he was 18 and he hasn't lost one ounce of his passion for climbing and fascination with the amazing gorge he now calls home.

I will never forget the amazing climbs and hope to, like Alan, stay geeked about this amazing world
and keep climbing on it.

Rachel DeHaan  ( Grand Rapids USA) 16 June 2014


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Thank you Andrew Bisharat for gracing me with your writing talents in the following kind testimonial - you're a mighty fine writer!

"The Lifer: Alan Carne first came to the Verdon Gorge in 1979 as an 18 year old kid, and he was so inspired by this area that he knew this would be the place for him. This British ex-pat has been living in the outlying foothills of this gorge more or less since then, working as a #climbing guide ( He's as lean and tough as a piece of jerky, with sinewy tendons honed after three decades of cranking on the micro-crimps of this bullet blue rock. There are only a few people that I've ever met who have somehow retained that pure, youthful stoke to climb after so many years, and it's inspiring to be around. Looking forward to meeting up with Alan again tomorrow for a day of laughing and climbing on the most technical, demanding iron-hard limestone in the world. #LiveVertically #VerticalOrigins #Stoked #BonVerdon @ladzinski @emilyaharrington @etteloc @mattsegal
 â€” with Alan Carne"


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“Great memories of spectacular days out climbing in beautiful situations; learning, thinking, developing and sharing, are what it's all about for me. Thanks Alan for adding to these memories.

After my first trip to Verdon last year I couldn't wait for another opportunity to return. Last year was a revelation, experiencing the gorge for the first time with its epic situations, meditative qualities, natural beauty, and perfect compact limestone.

This year I was on my own and wanted to enjoy some classic lines in peaceful and adventurous situations, learning from Alan, enjoying his company, and doing some routes which are outside my ability to do independently. Alan’s suggestion were routes put up in the 70s & 80s, traditional climbing styles and use of natural pro (cracks, jamming, bridging, lay-backing as well as some face climbing and pockets). Don't think we had another team on our chosen route(s) at any point on the trip which adds to the sense of adventure and connection.

We climbed Echo Logique (6b) giving me a sense of the style to come. Then the classic ULA (6b), nine pitches, including the first three pitches before entering the crack system which is sustained and physical, I was psyched and tired(!) and really enjoyed this one.

Then Eperon Sublime (7a/6b & A1) with some beautiful crack and corner climbing and the river below close to the face offering spectacular positions along with some shorter hard sections of face climbing. Then Tuyau D'orgue (6c) with a tricky start through a roof on hand jams (a little aiding for me!) then a great section of sustained corner climbing before easing to the top.

This time round I got much more of a sense of l'Escalès, its various sectors, as well as a sense of the history of its development, and more experience to build confidence for future independent days in the Gorge and maybe some slightly harder routes next time with Alan.

For me meeting people like Alan is one of the many joys of climbing. Whether experienced or not, if you’re looking to explore a big and complex venue like Verdon your unlikely to do any better than look up Mr Carne and open an exciting new chapter in your climbing journey.”


Robin. (London UK)






Chateauvert Coaching week

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"Hi Alan,

I just wanted to thank you for an amazing few days. It was great to see you again and learn from you. The first time we met you taught us what we needed to do to stay safe and enjoy climbing on our trip round Europe.

This time you gave us plenty to think about and work on in terms of technique. We noticed a difference when we went back to the wall in Marseille and can't wait to get outside on the rock (once the snow goes!) we've found a few sports venues nearby (including a bridge at new mills) and are hoping to come back to the Verdon in October.

Thanks too for your hospitality - if you are ever back here we'd love to cook for you."

Jaimella and Dave Espley (Buxton UK)


Thanks guys. Such a pleasure to see your passion and progress over the last couple of years - Bravo!