Guided Adventure in the Verdon Gorge

Verdon in summer

Posted on 2011-06-12 - filed under testimonials

The South of France in August?  Too hot and too crowded.  The Verdon however was different - the altitude made the temperatures and the sunshine a real pleasure for me and the family.  As an ex-climber and ex-fit person, I was worried about falling off the easier routes and failing totally on the steeper stuff.  

Alan judged us right however - the first routes were a dream and gave us all confidence.  Later we visited the gorge proper - it has to be the most spectacular and the most beautiful place in Europe to play on rock.  If it were not for Alan’s obvious knowledge of every handhold and his safe hands on the belay, I’m not sure I would have done the routes and there is no way my 14-year old daughter would have gone over the edge.  

As it was, she had the experience of a lifetime and wants to go back there next year.  As for me, I want to climb La Demande in 2012 - 400m of pure white rock surrounded by true beauty - can’t wait! 

Angus Lamming (Isle of Man)  2011

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